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Islas Styles

Salon Based Dog Groomer & Mobile Dog Groomer

Bath & Blow Dry

Ideal for dogs between grooming maintenance on long or curly coats - unless matted or knotted.

Short or smooth coat breed dogs will benefit also from a bath and blow dry to keep them looking their best.

Prices from £20, price includes nail clip and ear clean if necessary.

Hand Stripping

For a full blown coat or a rolled coat. Each appointment is tailored to the individual coat requirements.


Whether a Border Terrier, Jack Russel, Cairn Terrier, Patterdale or any other wire coat breed your furbaby is in for a make over like no other.

Bath and blow dry can be arranged 10 days after hand strip at an extra £10

Hand stripping prices start at £45

Clipping & Trimming

 Putting the styles into our name! If your doggy needs clipped or scissored we have a range of styles to suit.

Teddy cuts for your lap dags, skirts and feathers for your working companions.


Prices from £35, price includes nail clip, ear clean and a spritz of perfume.

Brushing & Combing

 A de-shedding service to remove dense, moulting, blown undercoats. This service is perfect for all double coats and dogs that require regular grooming on a schedule such as Poodles, Shih Tzus, Bischons that become quickly matted if not maintained.

Prices from £20, price includes nail clipping, ear cleaning and a spritz of perfume.


Hand Stripping

Hand stripping for your dog to remove excess hair and undercoat allowing your dogs new coat to grow.

From terriers who require hand stripping or a spaniel who needs hand stripped and scissored to style, we have you covered for all hand strip requirements.

Hand Stripping, if done regularly, maintains a dogs wire coat keeping it healthy, strong and shiny.

Two options available for a hand stripped working breed are a blown coat, or a rolled coat, a blown coat will look and feel fluffier, where a blown coat will lay tighter and flatter.

Hand Stripping is available as an in home mobile service or salon based.

Prices from £45



"My two terriers are so relaxed with Islas Styles ... my two Border Terriers are quite hyper so its fantastic having my dog groomer hand strip them so easy."

Georgia Martin - Dundee


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Islas Styles is a Forfar based dog groomer, both in salon and mobile, making grooming your pet an easy hassle free activity.


My name is Sam, chief furologist and my mission is to groom your dogs to look their best. Like any groomer I'm happy when your dog leaves with a happy wagging tail.


We look forward to hearing from all new and existing customers.

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